Welcome to ETIS 

Welcome to ETIS or Electronic Terminal/Transport Information System of our TOS.

Via this website you are able to request, free of charge, some information about your units. However, for more detailed information and the ability to see thumbnail-pictures of your unit, you should register yourself.

Information is provided through the Show Unit-button. You can register with the Register-button and login with the Login-button. All buttons are shown on the left.


Dear customer,

Be prepared for the ILU-CODE.

As from 01/07/2014, all intermodal units (swap-bodies, semi-trailers) have to be encoded with an ILU-code.

The ILU-Code is a new owner-identifier for European intermodal loading units. Its structure is similar to the worldwide renowned BIC-Code used to identify millions of maritime containers (for example : ABCA 001234 2).

For more info, please check http://www.ilu-code.eu

PS: if your unit is encoded with a BIC-code, the ILU code is not applicable.


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